søndag den 26. januar 2014

Progress during week 4

I didn't have as much time for stitching as I had hoped, but it is possible to see some progress, I think. Here are the before and after shots:

The 19th of January 2014

The 26th of January 2014

mandag den 20. januar 2014

Update on QS Teasure Hunt

I am currently working on the second page of QS Treasure Hunt, Fox to Dragon. The dragon's tail is slowly coming along, along with its wing.

Progress as of January 19 2014
I am hoping to have the dragon's tail completely finished by next update, which hopefully will be in one week :-)

torsdag den 16. januar 2014

New blog ... New start

So after a pretty hectic year I needed a new start. On everything really. So welcome to my new blog! :-)

For Christmas I received a QuickStitch of Aimee Stewart's Treasure Hunt Bookshelf. I was extremely tempted to do the entire piece, but had to face that it would simply take me too long.

Here's a picture of the piece I am working on:

QS Treasure Hunt Bookshelf, Dragon to Fox

Progress as of January 14, 2014
You can already tell the dragon's tale in the corner.

I hope to have this blog up and running properly soon with images of all of my WIP's.

- Cat.